Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ashlyn's 5th Birthday Party!

Since we will be in Disney on Ashlyn's actual 5th birthday, we celebrated a little early.  She had a few friends from school over to paint picture frames and play.  We had lots of fun!

Fall Fun

I love fall.  Lots of football, trips to the zoo, a visit from Aunt JuJu and Uncle Gene, and pumpkin picking.  Chase even got a little hair cut.  


Ashlyn and Chase are playing on the same soccer team this fall.  It's their first year playing.  Over the last few weeks, Ashlyn has really gotten into playing and seems to really enjoy it.  Chase has spent most of his time wandering around the field and picking his nose and grass.  Their favorite part is snack time.

Labor Day 2014

We had such an amazing time with friends for our annual Labor Day beach trip.  My favorite memories from this year include freeze tag with our kids on the beach, digging for treasures by the pier and watching Chase and Ashlyn play in the waves together.  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Atlanta Wedding

Chris and I went to the most amazing fairytale wedding in Atlanta this weekend.  My brother-in-law's sister got married, and we were fortunate enough to get to celebrate with the wonderful Shatlock family.  A big special thanks to Christopher's parents who kept our babies so we could enjoy the weekend kid free.
Christopher & Gene.
Me and my sis.
My Dad and his girls.

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